We seek to keep the promise and opportunity of a Middlesex education within reach for families across the socioeconomic spectrum.


A Case for the Middlesex Scholars Program

The Middlesex Scholars Program transforms the lives of students by extending the mission of “finding the promise” beyond our Circle.


Finding the Promise


It encourages students to consider their talents, strengths, and interests in the context of the world’s opportunities and needs.

Working closely with the program’s faculty director and supported by financial investment from the School, juniors will brainstorm, propose plan, and pursue individual summer experiences in the belief that the idea that finding one’s promise is an active, energetic, and exhilarating undertaking that lasts a lifetime—but begins with the pursuit of ideas and passions.


We need people in society who are leaders, who are complete people. Middlesex can provide that.”
— John Bacon Jr. ’45, P’72

A Case for Financial Aid

We want to ensure that the most talented students always have the chance to be a part of our community.

Ensuring opportunity

We seek to provide and sustain financial aid for the 35% of our student body, annually.



the average financial aid grant for the 2013–2014 school year


the percentage of students currently receiving aid


Meeting the financial aid goals of the campaign will allow us to appeal to a larger segment of applicants who might not get past “sticker shock” of our tuition.
— Douglas C. Price, Director of Admissions