Landry House Dedication

Three generations of Landrys celebrated the opening of Landry House

Three generations of Landrys celebrated the opening of Landry House

            On Friday, September 23rd, over 150 alumni, trustees, faculty, family and friends gathered on campus to celebrate the opening of the School’s newest dorm, Landry House, which has been named in honor of the late Kevin Landry ’62, an alumnus, parent, longtime board member, and generous benefactor of the school.

The guests, which included three generations of the Landry family, were introduced to Landry House by the 36 boys who had moved into the dorm a few short weeks earlier.

            Following a reception in Landry, guests continued the celebration over dinner. Mx2 Honorary Campaign Co-Chair Victor Atkins, Jr. ’63 addressed the attendees and reflected on the transformative experience both he and Kevin Landry had while students at Middlesex. He continued to explain how this transformative experience later inspired the longtime friends to pursue truly transformative upgrades to the campus.

            Kevin Landry’s daughter, Kim GwinnLandry ’89, also took the podium and extended heartfelt gratitude to Victor Atkins and the Class of 1962: “If even a fraction of the vibrant spirit of the class of 1962 attaches itself to Landry House,” she said, “then I am sure there will be many generations of wonderful reunions for future Middlesex graduates. To me, Landry House will always be the house that friendship built, and it will stand as a powerful reminder of just how deeply the roots of friendship extend. To have my father’s legacy entwined with his classmates and his friends in this way is incredibly meaningful.”


            With former Heads of School David Sheldon P '81 and Deirdre Ling in attendance, current Head of School Kathy Giles P ’06 ’09 ’11 offered some final words of recognition to the many supporters who made Landry House possible:

           “We cannot thank you all enough.  Our hope is that our students will learn much here that makes them better people, as well as accomplished intellectuals and academicians and sports and arts people; but one of the most important things they will learn, from living and working in this place, is the power of optimism and investment in youth and in education.  ‘Education turns mirrors into windows,’ said the journalist Sidney J. Harris; whether those mirrors take the forms of computer screens, cell phone screens, sunglasses, or any other ways we and particularly adolescents are tempted to look at ourselves without seeing a fuller picture of life, education -- learning about the wisdom and experience of others -- is the window through which we actually see a world in which the contributions we make can produce good. “

           “Students who live in the buildings, who live in Landry House, who see the Class of 1962 plaque, who see the plaque in honor of the Beatons and in honor of families, will get the message that leadership and generosity and optimism and faith in young people are among the most important investments in humanity we each can make during our lives.  For me, that is the best message Landry House sends; it is a blessing now and it will be a blessing for the future.”