Residential Life - Defining Winter at Middlesex

Residential life at Middlesex is one of the most distinguishing facets of our community and has been since the school was founded.  During the fall and spring seasons at Middlesex, students have the opportunity to take advantage of all the outdoor earmarks that our beautiful campus has to offer – the circle, the pond, and the Estabrook Woods to name a few.  Though they remain just as stunning in the glow of an early January sunset, these areas of our campus are rarely inhabited by students at this point in the year.  As the temperatures drop, students tend to spend more time in their dorms, and it’s during this time that the strongest friendships and memories often materialize.  Whether in Clay or LB, Higginson or BP, life in the dorm may be one of the defining characteristics of the winter months.

Many generations of alumni associate their time at Middlesex with their dorm experience, thanks in large part to the comfortable, inclusive environment that each dorm offers.  The creation of memories, relationships, and traditions in each dorm—Atkins, Kravis, RW, LB, Peabody, BP, Hallowell, and Clay, alike—remains a key factor of life on campus and adds incredible value to the Middlesex experience.  As we move forward with the plans for MX2, we hope to continue to foster each dorm community and to provide students the opportunities to experience the tradition of dorm life at Middlesex.  For more information about our plans for Residential Life, click here.