Renovation Updates: The Paine Barn is complete!

Last week, the Paine Barn restoration project was officially completed!  Though it's not directly on campus, the Paine Barn has been part of the Middlesex community for decades.  The barn is located on the opposite side of Lowell Road from the Middlesex Campus and has primarily been used as an area for storage. (You may remember this life-size, brass eagle that was removed from the basement of the barn over the summer.)


The charm of the barn is still intact, as many of the original wood beams still remain throughout the building.  Now that the renovations have been completed, the Barn will be the new home of the Middlesex Facilities Team, who currently reside in the smoke stack building behind the Atkins Dormitory. With this move, the smoke stack building will become available for transformation into our new Music and Campus Center.  Click here for more information on the Music Center and other campus initiatives for MX2, and be sure to check out the Campus Map.