Find the Promise

While the Campaign of a Century found its heart in the phrase, “find the promise,” taken from Mr. Winsor’s speech dedicating Bryant-Paine House in 1901, our current effort takes its inspiration from our school hymn. Although there are two musical versions of “Rank By Rank,” the words throughout and particularly the final lines are the same: “What they dreamed be ours to do, / Hope their hopes and seal them true.” Whether Mr. Winsor and the original masters ever dreamed of a world in which students would carry in their hands not only their telephones but the equivalent of encyclopedias, dictionaries, archives, museums — and on and on, of course — they did indeed dream of a school that after its first hundred years would still do its humble, glorious work of inspiring students from around the country and the world to learn and grow into their best selves, to become the people they hope to become, to build important relationships and use the unique opportunities the school community offers to become the people the world needs them to be: ethical individuals who use the benefits of an extraordinary education to become productive citizens of the world. 

That dream of a school in which each graduate’s plaque bears witness to this mission has been nurtured by each subsequent generation of students, masters, and trustees; that dream has also been embraced by legions of friends and supporters — parents, grandparents, educators, friends, and foundations — whose tangible and intangible assistance has helped the School continue to thrive. Our campaign goals embrace elements central to the School’s strength: a dynamic, compelling faculty; a diverse, engaging, powerful student body; projects that maintain the beauty and enhance the infrastructure of our lovely campus home; and endowment that provides the financial lifeblood for both current and future generations. With our current board of trustees’ Strategic Plan priorities adding both practical and transformational goals to this work, the dream is very much alive. It is exciting to draw family and friends together to shape Middlesex’s future — and it is indeed our turn to guide the School through its next steps toward becoming a school of which Mr. Winsor and friends could only dream.

Kathleen Carroll Giles P’06 ’09 ’11
Head of School