A Case for Student Housing

Opportunities for conversation and connection

Student housing is absolutely essential to our way of life at Middlesex. As a majority boarding school, we embrace the opportunity that a 24-hour community offers for personal and academic growth.

The creation of a new dormitory in the midst of the existing campus will allow us to maintain our overall size while achieving a boarding percentage of 75%.

The renovation of existing dormitory spaces will ensure that all of our students have equal access to a welcoming common room and updated living spaces.

What I really love about living on campus is the opportunity for conversation and connection with students that you don’t get in any other environment. You’re building a homelike community and watching kids bond and relax and have that interaction between faculty families and kids. No other role you play at the School has that opportunity.
— Amy Gleason P ’09 ’11 ’14 Head of Higginson House, Community Service Director, Math Teacher