We want wise, imaginative, passionate, and creative teachers always to be able to join our faculty because we can offer them compelling professional opportunities.

Extraordinary Mentors

Middlesex is proud to have a very talented and loyal faculty that is thoroughly integrated into all aspects of our community life. Our faculty is directly involved in afternoon or evening programming through athletics, arts, publications, clubs, or community service.

All faculty members (including administrators) take on weekend and evening supervisory duties and act as advisors. Having smart, experienced, committed adults involved in so many facets of students’ daily lives is a defining element of the Middlesex experience and crucial to our mission of “finding the promise” in every student.


10 years

faculty tenure


teaching faculty salary


teaching faculty who hold advanced degrees


The Case for Faculty Support

Our students thrive in their classrooms, but our ability to compensate our teaching faculty is not commensurate with the excellence of their instruction.

The impact on teaching

  • We seek to raise all of our teaching faculty members’ compensation to the top quartile of our peer group.
  • We seek to endow 13 new faculty chairs to support salaries and benefits for teaching faculty.



In recruiting faculty, we consciously seek adults who will bring us not only significant expertise and great capacity for hard work, but also, and crucially, the seasoned affection for teenagers that has made us the school we are.”
— Alexandra Banay P’99 ’03 ’07 Dean of Faculty, Head of Classics Department