The Circle is a fantastic place to witness our mission in action. 


Around the Circle, finding one’s promise is a real and daily endeavor—unique to each student but pursued in the context of our dynamic school atmosphere. 

Building renovations will be in keeping with the existing campus and, by design, will promote the interchange of ideas and collaboration among disciplines.


A Case for Student Housing

Opportunities for conversation and connection

Student housing is absolutely essential to our way of life at Middlesex. As a majority boarding school, we embrace the opportunity that a 24-hour community offers for personal and academic growth.

The creation of a new dormitory in the midst of the existing campus will allow us to maintain our overall size while achieving a boarding percentage of 75%.

The renovation of existing dormitory spaces will ensure that all of our students have equal access to a welcoming common room and updated living spaces.

What I really love about living on campus is the opportunity for conversation and connection with students that you don’t get in any other environment. You’re building a homelike community and watching kids bond and relax and have that interaction between faculty families and kids. No other role you play at the School has that opportunity.
— Amy Gleason P ’09 ’11 ’14 Head of Higginson House, Community Service Director, Math Teacher

A Case for Visual Arts

Facilities for collaborative work

Students expand their self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-discipline through their own creative work and performances. We want passionate artists, musicians, and actors to choose Middlesex as the place where they can explore their ambitions and talents.

Providing state-of-the-art facilities with flexible spaces for collaborative work will allow students to continue to learn and create.

A Case for the Theater Arts Building

Providing tools, technology and space

As our drama course requirement indicates, we want all of our students to become stronger practitioners of the theatre arts, whether it be through public speaking or by participating in the spring musical. Nearly 100 students work on our mainstage productions each year as actors or stagehands/crew members.

  • We want to expand our theatre to comfortably seat all students and faculty for productions, lectures, and assemblies.
  • We hope to modernize the facility in a way that continues to provide students with the tools, technology, and space to make outstanding theatre for decades to come

A Case for the Music and Campus Center

Solace and Joy

Music plays an integral role at Middlesex. All students study music appreciation and theory, and more than half the student body participate in choral groups or private lessons.

  • We seek to support the music program by constructing rehearsal space, a recital hall, a recording studio, and a music library.
  • We seek to repurpose the facilities building into a clean, sustainable venue for our vibrant music program.

Click the video above to learn more about the impact of the Arts at Middlesex.

Music can—and often must—offer solace and joy, serving as the foundation of friendships.
— Brian LeMeur ’13