In 1996, Middlesex established The Frederick & Mary Winsor Society to honor those alumni, parents, and friends of the School who have included Middlesex in their estate plans or who have established life income gifts like those described here. Middlesex’s founder Frederick Winsor and his wife Mary devoted their lives to building and strengthening the young school. 

After her husband’s death, Mary continued to support the School financially and, in fact, provided generously for Middlesex in her own estate plans. Today several endowed funds, which support scholarship, faculty salaries, and general needs, are the direct result of Mary’s plans.


A bequest from either a will or living trust is one of the most popular and easiest ways to support Middlesex in the future. A bequest enables you to gift any amount you wish to Middlesex, free of estate tax. 

You can give cash, property, or a percentage of your estate, with or without restrictions. A bequest to Middlesex can be made by creating a new will, adding a codicil to your present will, or including Middlesex in your revocable trust.