The Campaign for Middlesex 

As we look back through the history of Middlesex, we often marvel at how far we have come as a community. Through our engaging faculty, our passionate and diverse student body, and our beautiful campus, Middlesex has established itself as a premier, small, national boarding school, providing an outstanding, modern education while retaining the values and traditions upon which the School was built. 


A Springboard for Tangible Priorities

The foundation of this capital campaign is based upon the four essential pillars of our future. By bolstering our endowed funds, we will be able to: continue to attract and enroll the most talented and deserving students while increasing the percentage we assist financially; retain and support our bright, creative, and loyal faculty; maintain and improve our beloved campus; and establish a promising future endowment for generations to come.


Join us in MX2

With the School well-established after its first 100 years, we ask you to join us in helping to strengthen the tradition of excellence for the current and future Middlesex community by fulfilling the dreams of our founders. We need your help to make Middlesex the place where future citizen leaders can cultivate their curiosities and find their promise. 

Campaign Stories and Updates

The phrase ‘What they dreamed, be ours to do’ comes from “Rank by Rank,” the Middlesex hymn.